It’s illegal for same sex couples to wed in Japan, for now. But that didn’t stop a wedding festival of inclusiveness from helping couples keep their dreams alive, if not legally realized for now.

Called The Wedding Festival For Everyone, it encouraged all people to participate in the simulated ceremony regardless of their sexuality.

“I want to raise awareness of sexual minorities’ weddings in society by diversifying the format of weddings,” said Soichi Honma, 28, head of the Tokyo-based wedding planning company Juerias LGBT Wedding, which started six years ago. He and his team planned the event.

“I hope the legal framework will be streamlined on LGBT marriage,” said Honma, who has produced weddings for LGBT couples.

The event held a round-table discussion with members of the LGBT community participating. They discussed obtaining a notarial deed and the foster parent system among other issues they face with their partners.

“I also felt anxious about my wedding,” said Kohei Inagaki, 25, from Saitama, who held a wedding ceremony with his partner last year. “I would be grateful if I could encourage somebody even in an indirect way by participating in this kind of event.”

Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that they do more than encourage people.


photo credit: Naoko Kawamura

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