Amber Rose Takes Heat For Photo Of Her Son As Killer Clown

Amber Rose has taken some flack lately over her photo of her son on Instagram.

We love watching scary movies at our house Pumpkin is dressed up as "It" ? #everydayishalloween

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On her podcast, Loveline with Amber Rose, she explained the situation.

“We watched It, the clown movie by Stephen King. We went to the Halloween store and he wanted to be a killer clown so I put blood all over him and I did the makeup and the hair and stuff like that. I put black on his lips, you know what people were saying? [They were saying] I really wanted a girl so I dress him up. He’s dressed as a f—ing clown. They said ‘She’s putting lipstick on him, he’s going to be very confused with his sexuality.’ He had black lipstick as a killer clown. I hate people.”



Photo Credit: AMP/CBS Local

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