Amsterdam’s Gay Assault Suspect Turns Himself In

On January 23rd, two gay men were cycling to a dance school in Amsterdam West when they were assaulted, first verbally, then physically, by a pedestrian. During the altercation, the assailant dropped his hat, among other things.

After the indecent, the couple took their attacker’s hat into the dance studio.

Chalk this up to unmitigated gall, but this homophobic hater showed up to the school later that same day to claim it. That’s when the dance school’s security camera’s went to work, taking some very clear pictures of his face which were then broadcast across Amsterdam media.

Well on Monday April 10, the man in the pictures turned himself in. According to authorities, this happened after he saw the security footage. Police are now investigating whether the man claiming the hat is the same one that assaulted the couple.


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