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Google Goes Gay…Again!

Here is Google’s latest ad for Google Home. It features 2 gay dads. No big whoop.

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Calling All Volunteers:

ACToronto needs volunteers to help with their monthly Condom Stuffing event this Wednesday May 26. Those interested can drop in anytime between 4 & 8. As always there will be refreshments and, as always, there will be pizza at the

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Complete The PROUD FM LGBT Annual Survey

Help PROUD FM by filling out the LGBT Annual Community Survey!  Your consumer choices matter-and we want to know what about them, so that we can deliver the best programming we can to serve our community!  It only takes 10

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Gay Men Persecuted In Chechnya – Canada, Not Our Problem

As one can imagine, LGBTQ and Human Rights Groups have been going crazy over the latest reports out of Chechnya that gay men are being rounded up and tortured in concentration camps. Now those same groups are urging the Canadian

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Texas On The Hook $600,000 For Opposing Gay Marriage

That’s what you get when you try to keep good people down. A bill. A BIG bill in fact. The state of texas has been ordered to pay just over $600,000 to the attorneys who helped 2 gay couples fight the

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MTV Awards Make Acting Categories Gender Neutral

This year’s MTV award show, set to air live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on May 7, 2017, will see some significant changes. First the title. The awards show will now include television series making them the MTV Movie

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Alaska And Michelle Visage To Star In Porn Star Biopic

Well you’ve heard of them: Michelle Visage, one time pop princess and member of 90’s girl group Seduction has gone on to host TV and Radio, sometimes without RuPaul but of course is best known for her reigning stint as

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Brandon The Hypnotist Wants To Alter Your State

Hypnotist Brandon Dean is bringing his Altered States Show to The Tranzac Club Wednesday April 19 and took time out to talk to Richard about the upcoming show. for tix visit:  

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Revenge Account ‘Victim’ Sues Grindr

Grindr. Even if you don’t use it, we’ve all heard about the gay social/hook up app. And while most are looking for Mr. Right Now, some have found a deeper connection with their paramour du jour. Dare I say, even,

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Jeff Varner Fired From Real Estate Job For Outing Zeke Smith

Well, by now you’ve heard the tale. Another exciting season of Survivor. Another tribal council. And another attempt for a contestant to stay another week. Except this time it wasn’t. Jeff Varner knew Zeke Smith had a secret. ‘I suspected

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Amsterdam’s Gay Assault Suspect Turns Himself In

On January 23rd, two gay men were cycling to a dance school in Amsterdam West when they were assaulted, first verbally, then physically, by a pedestrian. During the altercation, the assailant dropped his hat, among other things. After the indecent, the

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Should Someone’s Past Be Able To Dictate How They’re Treated In The Present?

That’s the Daily Query for Wednesday April 11. It’s directly related to the recent United Airlines ‘debacle’ which saw 69 year old grandfather bodily dragged off out of his paid seat and off the plane by 4 armed guards, all

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Gay Concentration Camps in Chechnya

Reports are circling that Gay men in the Russian region of Chechnya are being rounded up, arrested and held in concentration camp-style prisons. Russian newspapers and human rights groups report that more than 100 gay men have been detained “in connection

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United – We Stand, Because We Ain’t Sitting On Their Plane!

If you think you’re having a bad day, watch what happened to an unlucky, paid, passenger on Sunday April 9 as they were forcibly removed from United flight 3411 at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Late Night Host Jimmy Kimmel did

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A Race Against Cancer For Marriage Equality In Australia

Peter de Waal and Peter (Bon) Bonsall-Boone have been together for 50 years. You’d be hard pressed these days to find a heterosexual couple who could boast such an achievement. The only difference between them and their straight counterparts is,

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