Are Police Banned From Toronto Pride Or Not?

This topic has been flipped more than a bungalow in East York!

First Black Lives Matter Toronto held Pride hostage in 2016 until their ‘demands’ were met. Then  Mathieu Chantelois, the Pride Toronto Executive Director reneged on those demands that he was so quick to sign, in front of cameras I may add. Then he quit leaving Pride co-chair Alicia Hall to pick up the pieces.

And what a lot of pieces there were.

And now Toronto Pride’s new Executive Director, Olivia Nuamah is juggling chainsaws trying to keep funding and a sense of goodwill for this years event. And she’s failing.

Police Chief Mark Saunders has said that he’s reached out to Pride Toronto and had yet to hear from anyone. That was just last month and Pride is just a month away.

Now we hear from Nuamah, that the police can participate as long as they don’t do it in uniforms.

Hmmmm, asking people to not self identify. That doesn’t sound very inclusive to me and that’s the one thing Pride should be. Inclusive.

And the idea of a uniform is an ambiguous term. We all wear uniforms. We wear uniforms to do our office jobs, the gym, sporting events, celebrations. All clothes are a form of uniform, especially if everyone is wearing the same thing like baseball caps and T-shirts, as Pride Toronto has suggested the Police to do.

Religious leaders aren’t asked to not wear their uniforms at Pride and I’ll bet there are just as many members of the LGBTQ community that feel threatened when seeing a person ‘of the cloth’.

It’s all or nothing Pride Toronto. Grow a pair and make Pride an event we can all be proud of!




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