Revenge Account ‘Victim’ Sues Grindr


Even if you don’t use it, we’ve all heard about the gay social/hook up app. And while most are looking for Mr. Right Now, some have found a deeper connection with their paramour du jour. Dare I say, even, love?

And while not all relationships are doomed to fail, most don’t last forever. And of those that end, more than a few don’t end well. There’s fights, scream and tears. And that’s just during the break up sex!

Flash forward to NYC where ‘actor’ Matthew Herrick, who still has a full time waiting job, is suing Grindr because his ex set up fake accounts on the site, drawing over 1,100 men (did he actually count them all?) to his home and work, aka the restaurant, ‘aggressively demanding sex’.

He alleges this is the work of his ex, who he met on Grindr. Herrick claims that his ex set up multiple fake accounts on the site, using his photos and info, late last year. Some of the accounts falsely state that Herrick is HIV positive while others state that potential partners should keep up their advances even if Herrick says no because it’s part of an alleged rape fantasy.

The ex, who has remained nameless, denies all of this. Of course.

So now Herrick is suing Grindr itself for letting all of this happen, accusing the site of ‘liability, fraud and deceptive business practices.’

Grindr’s response? ‘(We’re) committed to creating a safe environment through a system of ┬ádigital and human screening tools, while also encouraging users to report suspicious and threatening activities.’

So this might be a Grindr problem. It could be an ex problem. But for me, it sounds like a waiter who’s looking for a social media boost to┬áhis acting career. Just me?


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