Should Someone’s Past Be Able To Dictate How They’re Treated In The Present?

That’s the Daily Query for Wednesday April 11.

It’s directly related to the recent United Airlines ‘debacle’ which saw 69 year old grandfather bodily dragged off out of his paid seat and off the plane by 4 armed guards, all to make room for a United employee.

Pretty black and white, no? A huge conglomerate putting their own needs ahead of the rights and safety of their customers. Or is it?

Since the story surfaced early this week, social media has been buzzing. Mostly calling for the heads of United Airline’s CEO Oscar Munoz. But now there’s a new buzz.

It seems this 69 year old grandfather is not the perfect picture of innocence. His name is Dr. David Dao who had his medical license suspended for illegally prescribing painkillers and even exchanging them for sex with one of his patients.


There’s no sweeping Dao’s history under the rug now that it is public, but the reports of his convictions raised the question on social media: is United Airlines less in the wrong for bodily ejecting a criminal or is  Dao’s background irrelevant to his treatment on the plane?



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