Toronto Blue Jay Calls Pitcher A F*g For Striking Him Out

So. What do we think?

Kevin Pillar gets struck out by Atlanta Braves pitcher Jason Motte, so he called him a fag. If Pillar doesn’t like getting struck out, why doesn’t he train harder than disparage other professionals in his field? What would Pillar have thought if he had got a home run off of Motte and Motte called him a fag?

Pillar says it’s not like him. He’s not this person who calls others derogatory names out of anger. Or is he? There’s no reaction more honest than one made in the heat of the moment. I don’t think it’s hard to imagine Pillar calling any number of people who’ve pissed him off, a fag or worse!

It’s 2017. The fact that grown men, and professional athletes are conducting themselves like this in this day and age, it’s no wonder there haven’t been any professional athletes coming out of the closet.

The bottom line is, The Blue Jays, not the Baseball League, suspended Pillar for 2 games. Pillar and the Blue Jays have issued appologies.

Is it enough? These athletes are heroes to leagues of kids. Is a 2 game suspension sending the right message to these young fans? What would be a better punishment that sends the right message to fans and other athletes alike? Can we ever nip this childish name calling in the bud?




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