[SPOILER]: Drag Race Recap – One Queen Show

This week was a wild one on drag race with the solidification of the top 5 queens(FINALLY!).

It all started with the mini challenge where the queens had to do their best impersonation of another queen with puppets!

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Let’s just say, Gigi needed to stop(we think she’s loosing her fire). A lot of the queens killed it, but the one who hit it out of the park was Jackie Cox with her incredible impersonation of Sherry Pie, which was way too accurate if you ask us!

Then came the maxi challenge, the queens had to put on a ONE WOMAN SHOW! The show was to be 5 minutes and the whole point was to MAKE.US.LAUGH.(this is important information, trust us). To be honest the show started off strong with Jackie Cox opening the show and honestly redeeming herself from last week followed by Crystal Methyd who killed it in male workout drag!

Then the show went downhill from there, from a not so confident Gigi taking us on a 1 way trip to hell, to Heidi trying to impersonate too many members of her wacky family. Then there was Sherry Pie and her one queen show which lasted an attorney(but seriously we may have dozed off in the middle) not that it wasn’t funny but it was long henny!

Finally, closing with the opposite of a bang Miss Jada, all you need to know is she was a flop!

Then came time for the runway, category is ‘the Color Purple’ in honour of guest judge, Whoopi Goldberg.

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Jackie Cox was serving purple people eater realness, then you had Crystal the purple cow, Gigi looked like Daphne from Scooby Doo and Sherry was dressed as a campy purple cat.

The two most fabulously dressed of the night Miss Heidi and Jada, also happened to be the bottom 2 queens, who lip synced for their life to the classic, 1999 by Prince. Unfortunately, after being in the bottom 4 times, Heidi was the queen who had to saché away.

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